About us

Active all over the world

The world is our playing field. To find out how our products behave in the specific environment they were developed for, we have to look beyond the confines of our own laboratories and greenhouses. We have trial fields in various parts of the globe, all with varying daylight patterns. North and Central-America, numerous countries in North, Central and South Europe, India and China. The marketing and sales activities of De Groot en Slot are limited to the Benelux region. Our partner in Allium, Bejo coordinates marketing and sales in the rest of the world. Bejo has representation or branches in various countries on all five continents.


Our mission is an expression of why our work is of such importance to us. The main focus in this respect is the interests of consumers over the entire world. This has been formulated as follows in our mission statement: ‘De Groot en Slot aspires to become recognised worldwide as the specialist for propagating material for onions, shallots, garlic and bunching onions. With a focus on market driven and quality oriented research and production, we develop new varieties that offer added value to the entire chain. Through customer oriented sales and service, we optimise the profitability of our customers. With our specialism we endeavour to generate sustainable revenues for our shareholders, contribute to providing the growing global population with healthy food and create an inspirational working environment for our employees’.