The production of seed for trading starts with seed for sowing. This material has to be of absolute top quality, so we select it ourselves. This also applies to seed growers. We select contract growers with a proven track record, in-depth understanding of their profession and a passion for perfection.

These contract growers are offered intensive supervision. They produce the propagating material (seed onions) with the very best quality for seed production. The production sites are located in various regions, with the major production regions being the Netherlands, France, Spain and Italy.

In autumn or spring the seed onions are dispatched to the growing regions which offer the best climate conditions for each specific variety. The seed onions are planted out by the expert growers. They produce seed from the onions, under supervision of cultivation advisors.

After harvesting, the seeds return to Bejo where they are cleaned, inspected and processed or treated. Only the very best quality is put on the market.